Monday, November 19, 2007

Running Down a Dream

Runnin' Down a Dream, the documentary about Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers covers almost every aspect of their career (somehow they skipped over the soundtrack to She's The One-ignoring a favorite, Walls). This is a must see for anyone who:
1. Is in a Band
2. Is in or wants to be in the music business
3. Needs to see a solid example of sticking to your ideals.

The one scene I keep coming back to, takes place in the studio where Tom is producing Roger McGuinn's record. The A&R guy insists that Roger should record what Tom believes to be an inferior song. He nicely says this song is not good and over the course of the next few minutes points out that Roger is rock royalty and how could he ask him to record something lame. The A&R guys suggests writing new lyrics. All of this prompts Tom to ask if the guy is getting a percentage of the song. Tom knows and loves music and doesn't believe in compromise. He comes off as being a hard a**, but fair. We need more musicians willing to go the distance to fight for quality and stay true to their roots. Kudos to TP & his Heartbreakers.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Only 5 Songs In The World

I am listening to Sirius and Meg Griffin is playing Rock Your Baby by George McCrae which sounds just like When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman by Dr Hook. I've heard both of those songs a hundred times and never realized how close they sound until today. Now I had to search YouTube for Sylvia's Mother. One of the most melodramatic songs of the rock era. "and the operator says....." Things I did not know about Dr Hook and you probably don't either
1. They are from Union City, NJ
2. Band member Ray Sawyer's eye patch was legit and not a prop. He was in a car accident in 1967, the year before the band was formed.

John Hiatt once told me that there are only about 5 songs in the world and everything else is derived. He then referred to his song Slow Turning which he said had the same chords as ROCK in the USA, That's What I Like About You and the list went on......