Friday, September 29, 2006

Sirius - Siriusly bad signals

I really enjoy having Sirius when I can get it. I listen to Howard in the morning, music the rest of the day: World Cafe, Vin Scelsa, Meg Griffin, Pappy and Bruce Lundvall. Left of Center was playing Apples in Stereo. I'd forgotten how much fun that band is. I didn't actually get the whole song - this morning my listening has been peppered with the dreaded "acquiring signal" message, which essentially means no reception. That message much like the spinning beach ball of death on Mac OSX can stall a good mood. This has been happening too frequently. I really would have lost it if it was a new Howard this morning. I wonder what kind of signal the new Stiletto will get as a portable? Check out the Apples- Love their website.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

All Night Chemists

Those of you who grew up in the music of the 60's, 70's and 80's and were passionate about it, should pay attention. All Night Chemists is the artist for those who say there is no good music out there anymore. The Chemists do all those things we remember our favorite bands (would they be called classic rock now?) doing right:
1. Making an album you can listen to from start to finish.
2. Writing songs. Don't laugh, there's a lot of stuff (notice how I avoided the word music) out there now that's not songs by any stretch. It's notes, but not necessarily songs.
3. Arranging. There was thought put into the arrangements of these songs.
4. Putting on a great live show. After seeing a Chemists performance, you'll know that rock is not dead. Len Monachello, the head Chemist plays guitar, keyboards, bass and you might even find him behind the drum kit. He also carries lead vocals. Brandon Wilde on bass/vocals and Andy LaDue on drums round out the trio. If you're in NYC come see them this Friday the 29th at the Living Room or October 11th at Rockwood. Listen to the band. Spread the word.

Monday, September 25, 2006


This is my initial blog. I've been in the music business for many years, am opinionated when it comes to music and pop culture and think the over 30 crowd has been sorely overlooked when it comes to music on and off the web. I will be tireless in promoting All Night Chemists. I hope to invite friends to post their thoughts (and files) to create a community of music loving, passionate and inspired people to keep the dialogue fresh and informative.