Thursday, July 24, 2014

Unpracticle Tips From A Bachelorette

A guilty pleasure:  The Bachelorette/Bachelor TV show.   Besides being a ridiculous scenario, it is a fascinating unreality to watch.  Can't be called reality TV.  There is nothing that relates to reality in the 8 or so weeks spent sifting through 25 or 26 people to find your forever mate.

Courtney Robertson, was chosen by Ben Flajnik to be his wife in season 16.  The wedding never took place.  According to her, the relationship went sour minutes after he proposed.  Ben invited some crew members to join them for dinner several times during the few days they had to spend together.  She just released a book (with Deb Baer) I Didn't Come Here To Make Friends, which chronicles her time before during and after the Bachelor. It's dishy and it's informative-if you're a fan of the show. 

Courtney gives the reader insight into what a day is like for a contestant. It doesn't sound that pleasant.  For every one-on-one date a contestant might get (and those are few,  Courtney had 4 or 5 and she was the "winner"), there are way more times she/he is held up in hotel rooms with no communication.  No cell phones, no newspapers, no internet, no books  are allowed. Why no books?  She recalls a story where a few of the ladies were psyched to go to the gym in the hotel as there were TVs and they could watch the news.  Towards the end of filming, to Courtney's surprise, she got a dial tone on the hotel phone.  She immediately called her father and said she was cheating.  His response was no you're not and he hung up the phone. Turns out he was in the presence of a Bachelor producer who was setting up the hometown date. 

The producers and editors make most of the dates look glamorous.  Courtney points out that the helicopter ride around the Matterhorn was terrifying.  There were endless picnics.  Courtney said Ben planned dates around things he wanted to do, not taking into account what his date might like to do.

Courtney owns up to her mistakes. She played the game, which is what this was and was crucified for it.  She made an interesting season out of what could have been as bland as Ben's personality was portrayed.  She realized she was cast as the villain after she watched the first episode.  She thought she was being funny at times and it didn't come off that way on TV.  She was no saint, but the editors are the real storytellers of this show.  She did love Ben. From her accounts, she was trying to hold on to a relationship that never really was there. She highlights their night in the fantasy suite. 

The book is filled with useless tips unless you want to be a model or a Bachelor contestant. 
  • For newbie models  Tip #1 Keep a nude thong, nude strapless bikini and heels in your car at all times in case of last minute casting. 

  • Filling Out The Bachelor Application:  Be heartbroken.  A good breakup story in which you've been dumped cruelly and callously helps your chances. 

  • Questions For The Bachelor:  Do you have a good relationship with your Mom?

Bottom line:  It's a fun, quick read for fans of  The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

On a series note, I've got my money on Andi picking Josh.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Getting the Perfect Concert Photo

Everyone has a camera on them at all times, which makes it that much harder to get a perfect concert photo. 

There are phones and cameras blocking views pretty consistently.  I was guilty of that today in Central Park.  Not that this shot was during the middle of a song, but the timing of the woman whose hand graces my photo could not have been better.  She completely blocks out Keith Urban.  Well not completely, you can see his elbow if you look close.  It made me laugh. 

Keith Urban's performance  on GMA today was as always A-1.  Hearing him live in Central Park was the perfect kick off to the weekend.  He performed:  Somewhere in My Car, Even The Stars Fall 4 U, You Gonna Fly and Long Hot Summer

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bowlmor Not in Union Square

In the 80's/90's a night of bowling at Bowlmor meant a good time and filthy hands.  They never cleaned a bowling ball or a lane then.  It seemed that way.  Despite that, we still went back. It was one of the few, if only places to bowl in Manhattan at one point.  I remember it as the site of work parties, friends birthdays and late night ridiculousness. 

Like many remnants of classic New York, Bowlmor has lost out to the "luxury condo" crazy. The building was bought. There is much more money to be made in housing than bowling alleys, so Bowlmor's Union Square flagship anchor had to exit. 

Here's  a few trivia nuggets:
According to WNYC Bowlmore was the longest continuously running bowling alley in the Northeast.
Bowlmor has operated on University Place since 1938.
In 1958 Vice President Richard Nixon played a game or two. 

The last frame was played last night.  It's a strike for NYC.