Friday, December 23, 2011

UGH, Not Another Useless Meeting

Seth Godin has a great blog post today about meetings. I haven't been in one of those big meeting (manager, record label, booking agent, etc) lately, but I dreaded them as nothing seemed to get established. Everyone got an updated agenda, but the agenda was always the same: single release date, what radio format would get it, album release date, etc.

Seth points out that firemen coordinate their actions, take action and save lives. They don't have subcommittees to make it happen. Why can't corporate meetings follow their lead. Leave the gunk at the door, get to business and everyone would be happy. Meetings should not be called because someone wants to hear themselves speak.

I'll leave you with his closing line.

How would you do it [meaning the meeting] differently if the building were burning down? Because it is.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Voice Of An Angel Was Born Today

It never fails that every December 21st I remember it's Carl Wilson's birthday. In my book and I'm sure by a lot of others standards, he had one of the greatest voices of all time. His crowning glory being God Only Knows. Carl died way too soon in 1998. Interestingly there was a press release floating around last week about the remaining Beach Boys reuniting for a 50th anniversary tour. Nowhere were Carl or his brother Dennis mentioned. Both played such a big part in the success of that band. It was criminal to leave them both out.

I found this clip from 1984's TV show Solid Gold. Carl sounds amazing. He's dueting with host Marilyn McCoo. Strange. Yes.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

America's Got Howard Stern

Howard Stern announced on his radio show that he will be a judge on next season's America's Got Talent. The live shows will take place in New York. He will go on the road for the tryouts, but it will not interfere with the radio show, although Robin was all set to move to LA. His involvement starts in February 2012.

Howard who takes judging siriusly (spelling intended) said, "There will be no goofy acts". I'm going to be a no nonsense judge."

As for his appearance on the show, he plans on wearing a suit with no tie. His hair will be "neat and coiffed."

"It's going to be something else. I am prepared."

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Started Out Great and Then Fizzled

Kurt Sutter and company were building up to quite the season finale for Sons of Anarchy last night. Too bad that by the end of the evening the excitement had the air blown out of it.

The CIA connection came out of nowhere, but gave it a twist. It also hasten the exit of FBI agent Potter. Is there anyone who liked that character? Not that we were suppose to like him, but he turns out to be a bit more sympathetic by the time he departs.

Jax is between a rock and hard place. He needs to kill Clay. If he does, the Irish won't play ball and the CIA will destroy the club. By the end of the episode he has fire in his eyes. He is the new president. Clay lays in his hospital bed. But wait, that's not where the episode leaves us. The focus is turned to Tara vs Gemma. Not that I would mind another season of Katey Sagal knocking it out of the park as she consistently does each year. (Why is she not nominated for an Emmy????) Has Tara become Dr. Gemma? According to Sutter, look for Wendy (Jax-ex) to factor the duo into a trio next season. Could be what brings Gemma and Tara together.

Not exactly the ending I was waiting for, but we'll see SAMCRO in September.....