Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I heard at the airport

We had a 6am flight from our Thanksgiving vacation in San Antonio and the only open store at the airport at 5:30am was Starbucks. While waiting on the long line I was treated to one of my all time favorite songs, Lost in a Supermarket by The Clash. It was followed by what sounded like a mixed tape from my college days. I saw the Clash live probably about six times and they were consistantly amazing. I remember the show where Mick Jones smashed his guitar on the stage of the Palladium and at that same venue when they sang London Calling and ripped up a copy of the Post or was it the Daily News. The headline was predicting a Beatles reunion, the band sang "that phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust". The Palladium is now an NYU dorm-which houses the only Trader Joe's in NYC. We need more bands like The Clash now. Their songs meant something, they took in all genres of music and made it sound great and they put their heart and soul into their live show.

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