Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Seeing Jim Boggia live is always a treat. You're never quite sure the turn the show will take, but you will be entertained, the banter will be lively and you may even hear a reference to Pete Barbutti. During his set Monday night at the Living Room he played a few new songs from Misadventures In Stereo which is coming out this August. More about that later. He started the show off with his take on Meatloaf, took requests from the audience, covered the Kinks, Waterloo Sunset and then proceeded to do something which seemed old school and refreshing. He told a story about opening a show that Jill Sobule headlined. Before her set, he met up with her, said he was a big fan and he performed her songs live. She invited him on stage with her that night, warning the audience that I've never heard this guy, so he may suck. On Monday night while getting to the gig, Jim sat next to a woman named Kate on the bus. She told him she played, they talked about Laura Nyro and he invited her to perform with him that night, also warning the audience, she may suck. They turned Stoned Soul Picnic into a smilefest. Kate at the piano tackling lead vocals and Jim on guitar and harmonies. It was a lovely, spontaneous jam. She left the stage and he immediately brought her back to add a lamentable keyboard riff to No Way Out.

Boggia's album comes out on bluehammock August 5th. I think it's his Something/Anything. It's a mix of styles, all songs are well crafted, it has some needed talking in between tracks and there are jump out pop tunes. He worked with some great people on this record. Al Anderson lends his guitar to Listening to NRBQ and he co-wrote Chalk Up One For Albert's Side with Tony Asher - Yes that Tony Asher from Pet Sounds! There is a hint of homage to Brian Wilson's production. The album, which was mastered at Abby Road, closes with the epic Three Weeks Shy. If radio stations programed like the old WNEW-FM, this album would be in heavy rotation. Vinyl is making a comeback, maybe FM radio will too and more people will be turned on to a talent like Jim.

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