Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mets Slogans: Why Bother?

The Mets marketing department could take a lesson from bands such as Guster.

Yesterday I received this booklet from the Mets soliciting me to buy a season ticket package. In big bold letters it says: We Believe In Comebacks. As a suffering Mets fan, I would say I believed in comebacks also, but with the team's history these past few years (last year excepted as they were out of the race in June), it's hard to buy into such a statement. The Mets were in it to the last game of the season. In fact they could have had the division sewn up, but they fell apart each and every time. We Believe? Who is the "royal we"?

First rule of marketing is know your audience. A band like Guster knows their audience, gives to their audience and makes it exciting to be a part of their fan base. Whether it's posting video clues to find free tickets to a show or playing full album night performances, they are constantly engaging the fans, which is my next point: Engage your base. The Mets have failed on both of these.

The front office might believe in comebacks, but my patience is thin and I'm guessing I'm not alone. If nothing else be honest. We're Healthy! would be a lot more refreshing. The NY Daily News mentioned the sign posted by the exit to the spring training clubhouse: PREVENTION & RECOVERY. Ok I can live with that. It's realistic and about what we can hope for as Mets fans.

The Mets slogans over the years have been uninspiring, which is contrary to why they are created.

Baseball Like It Oughta Be
The Magic Is Back
Your Season Has Come
Out Team, Our Time
Amazin' Again

Their best slogan, Ya Gotta Believe came from a player, Tug McGraw. He engaged fans. Every time I see that video of him slapping the glove against his leg and shouting in joy, I get chills. Remember the ad with Mike Piazza going around town getting advice from street vendors, people on the street, etc? I think the catch phrase was With your help, we can win. It engaged the audience and make them a part of the season. It also does it with humor. I think that commercial was pitched to them by a filmmaker/fan who had a great idea and wanted to share it. Glad he did.

Come on Mets marketers, think different, go out on a limb (maybe bad choice of words, could lead to injury), think about who the fans are. We're smart, baseball savvy and love a good punch line. Don't bore us to death, the team did that on their own this year.

They're On The Mend and We're Keeping Our Fingers Crossed.

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  1. Anonymous1:28 AM

    How about " let's go mets" ??? Isn't that their slogan??