Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saying Goodbye To Betty

This season of Ugly Betty was probably it's best. After ABC shuffled the show around in different time slots, it lost its audience and ABC canceled one of the better shows on TV, while renewing the painful to watch Cougar Town. I was a fan, but had no idea when Betty was on and missed it most of the time. I wound up watching some of those lost episodes online.

The series concluded last night with Betty being Betty. She's a positive, take charge, driven woman. She "glammed" up this season. She lost her braces, started wearing less flamboyant clothes (no ponchos), higher heels and straightened her hair. In the finale, Betty accepts a job in London with much trepidation. She's leaving her family and a job she knows.

Betty has always been about risk taking so it's fitting that she makes the move. She takes on London to Generation X's "Ready Steady Go". In the song, Billy Idol praises the presenter (Cathy McGowan) of TV show of the same name and points out icons of British pop. McGowan was a fashion trendsetter in the 60's. In some respects, Betty is a bit punk rocker/trendsetter. She moves to the beat of her own drummer. Her clothing is thought provoking and although working for a fashion magazine, she shuns trends, perhaps creates her own. She fights for what she believes in.

The last few minutes of the show beautifully closed out the series. She bumps into her ex-boss in what I think is Trafalgar Square. They make dinner plans. Macy Gray's "Beautiful In The World" is the soundtrack. The graphics read Ugly Betty. The Ugly fades leaving only the bold red of BETTY.

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