Friday, May 21, 2010

Female Mets Fans Are Happier

Yes, the Wall St Journal confirms that female Mets fans are happier than female Yankee fans. The subway series begins today and the WSJ polled 650 sports fans in NY. There seems to be a great divide between younger and older Yankee fans. Older women who follow the Yankees are less likely to be traveling this summer on vacation (26% versus 10%) and are bigger fans of public radio (18% versus 12%) and bowling (7% versus 2%). They're also far more likely than their younger counterparts to be Democrats (75% versus 59%). I think younger Yankee fans also think they are entitled to World Series wins. Let's face it, in their lifetime they have seen many.

Mets fans on the other hand didn't have an age divide. In general, "Ms. Met" falls into the statistical middle in most categories, with the younger and older Yankees fans touching either extreme. She is most likely to make between $50,000 and $150,000 (53% versus 44% of young Yankees fans and 38% of older Yankees fans) and you're more likely to see a tattoo creeping across her shoulder than you would with older Yankees fans (17% versus 6%), but less likely than with younger ones (24%). Could Lisbeth Salander be a Mets fan?

Mets women generally feel more enthusiastic in their daily lives..... Mets women are more likely to abstain from alcohol (25%) than older Yankees fans (18%) and younger Yankees fans (14%).

Since this isn't very scientific, I don't think you could say that female Yankee fans are miserable drunks. Being a female Mets fan, I feel (and this goes for the past few years) that taking each game as it comes is a good prescription for a healthy life. Yankee fans haven't had the kind of angst we live with.

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