Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My One George Steinbrenner Story

I'm a Mets fan so I can't say I had strong feelings about the way George Steinbrenner ran his team. George passed away today, leaving a winning Yankee legacy behind him.

Phil reminded me today of the time he, myself and Mike Breen went to taping of Late Night with David Letterman. It's something we did frequently. When you're in college and the entertainment is free, you go for it. Mike was selected to talk about his brush with greatness. Before he became a nationally respected sportscaster, he parked cars at a golf club in Westchester during his Fordham days. Letterman asked him how the celebrities tipped. Mike said that most gave a deuce. Letterman than asked about Steinbrenner, who Mike had previously mentioned. Mike said he would give a $5. Letterman was taken aback by The Boss' generosity.

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