Friday, July 29, 2011

Dueling Journey's

A strange thing happened on morning TV.

Good Morning America presented Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.  From the tight shots of the audience, I don't think there was a large amount of people there.  It was an interesting booking choice.  Both looked like they were enjoying themselves and Tiffany had a surprisingly strong voice. 

Flip to the Today Show and Journey is performing.  Neal Schon and Ross Valory are founding members.  From there, the band has had a revolving door of players.  Steve Perry joined in 1977 as lead singer and the hits came.  He left in the late 1990's.  Current front man Arnel Pineda was plucked from his YouTube performances in 2007.  Schon, Perry and current member Jonathan Cain wrote "Don't Stop Believin'". 

Journey to no one's surprise performs "Believin;".  The song is finished and I switch over to GMA.  Tiffany and Gibson are singing "Believin'".  That's two performances in one morning.  I thought Steve Perry has to be on CBS.  He was not.

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