Monday, September 26, 2011

Losers Take All

In a Six Degrees of Separation moment, I have a few connections to the movie Losers Take All.  It's based on a story by Ed Bradin and Roger Rawlings.  I've know Ed for years. Our first encounter may have been my first day of college.  His sister and I were college roommates.  I had never met her prior to going to Fordham.   While I was out of the room on that first day, Kerri moved in.  You can always judge someone by their music collection and apparently Eddy, who was there to drop off his sister at college, approved of my mine.  There was plenty of Ramones, Blondie, Beach Boys and  Elvis Costello. 

Ed joined us at Fordham two years later and he and Roger formed the band the Altar Boys.  This movie is based on their story.

In another degree of separation, the film director, Alex Steyermark is one of the best music supervisors I know.  He has such a connection between film and music.  It makes sense that two of his directorial stints have been music related.  The other film being Prey For Rock & Roll. 

The movie was seen at the Woodstock Film Festival this past Friday and hopefully it will be at a theater near you very soon.

Movie Trivia:  Billy Kay who plays one of the band members was the baby in the movie 3 Men And A Baby.  

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