Friday, December 23, 2011

UGH, Not Another Useless Meeting

Seth Godin has a great blog post today about meetings. I haven't been in one of those big meeting (manager, record label, booking agent, etc) lately, but I dreaded them as nothing seemed to get established. Everyone got an updated agenda, but the agenda was always the same: single release date, what radio format would get it, album release date, etc.

Seth points out that firemen coordinate their actions, take action and save lives. They don't have subcommittees to make it happen. Why can't corporate meetings follow their lead. Leave the gunk at the door, get to business and everyone would be happy. Meetings should not be called because someone wants to hear themselves speak.

I'll leave you with his closing line.

How would you do it [meaning the meeting] differently if the building were burning down? Because it is.

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