Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Wonderful World of Nora Ephron

For the words of When Harry Met Sally, I thank you.  Nora Ephron left a legacy of great movies and writings.  She had a witty way of looking at well everything including her neck. 

I've seen When Harry Met Sally about 15 times. It never gets stale, it always works.  I remember briefly meeting Rob Reiner who came to a performance at the Bottom Line.  John Hiatt, who I was working with at the time was performing.  Rob came with his new girlfriend who I think is the woman he later married.  At that point he had directed one wonderful movie after another:  Spinal Tap, The Sure Thing ("We speak each others unspoken language"), Stand By Me and The Princess Bride.  At that time, he was filming a movie in NY with Meg Ryan (who I remembered as Betsy from As The World Turns) and Billy Crystal. I thought it was interesting that Billy was staring in a romantic comedy.  The basis was that a man and a woman can't just be friends without wanting to have sex.

When the movie finally came out I was so excited to see it.  Nora's screenplay had everything. It was heartwarming, sassy, witty, brash and ugly.  It had it all.  Sally, "Are you saying I am the dog?"  It's still one of my top 5 movies.

Nora wrote for the Huffington Post which has a front page tribute to her.  She wrote, directed and above all it seems she was a great friend to many.  Nora Ephron died at age 71. 

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