Friday, January 25, 2013

I Fight Dragons and the Record Company

You can write about it in a song and you can talk about it on YouTube.  Brian Mazzaferri from the band I Fight Dragons recalls his unending saga of writing what the record label calls a "hit song".  As Brian says, he is not one to give up, so he's going to keep going back to the drawing board every time the label deems the new version of the song "not a hit".  At the end of this ordeal, which besides being an exercise in frustration (although Brian seems to take this in stride), has yielded 18 songs with lots of co-writers. 

Brian posted every version of the song that exists at SoundCloud

His final version of the song was titled It's Not Me It's You.   Have you heard Graham Parker's Mercury Poisoning?  The Raspberries'  Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

The Chicago band did release their album KABOOM! on Photo Finish/Atlantic Records.  No version of this song appears on it. 

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