Friday, May 17, 2013

Someday, Someday, Maybe

One of my favorite TV characters of all time is LorelaiGilmore.  She’s witty, strong (even when she thinks she’s not) and houses a great knowledge of cultural trivia.  She’s my kind of gal.  Lauren Graham who so wonderfully played Lorelai just released a novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe. 

The story centers around Franny Banks, the actress/waitress who is trying to make a go of life in New York City and realizing her dream of one day being interviewed on the stage of the 92nd St Y.  That would mean she had made it as an actress, a well-respected theater actress.  She has 6 months left in her self imposed quest to make it happen. Franny’s a little bit Lorelai and probably a lot of Lauren.  Lauren had said in an interview that it’s loosely based on her life and what she couldn’t remember, she made up.  She credits Diane Keaton with the suggestion to put these stories into a book. 

The story is about struggle and self-realization.  Anyone who has a dream, no money and lives on their own, can relate to it.  Franny occasionally asks her dad to supplement her income.  She deals with each situation with self-depreciating humor and determination.  The story also drives home that support, understanding and kindness can come from unlikely resources.

Lauren uses reproductions of Filofax pages to show the passing days.  If you don’t remember Filofaxes, they were the lifeblood of daily organization.  Before Palm, Blackberry or the smart phone, there was the Filofax. At the end of the year I would flip through mine and think, wow I guess I did accomplish something.  The voicemail messages from her English teacher father are sarcastic and sprayed with love. You can hear his voice in your head.  Franny had to have a cool, good-looking boyfriend, who you know will turn out to be a jerk.  I believe a guy like James is a rite of passage for every single girl in the city.  I could relate. 

Loved reading this book.  Someday, Someday, Maybe is sweet, charming, snappy and engrossing.  Oh did I mention, it’s also well written.  

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  1. I can not wait to read it. I like that you mentioned The FIlofax, as I always had a note or comment next to most appointments. These comments are a goldmine of ridiculous recollections.
    Good Blog Paula.
    Go Giants