Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Art is in the Book

There are two very similar named and similar in approach art shows that happened this weekend in the Hamptons.  ArtHamptons is the bigger of the two. We chose to go to ArtMRKT.  All the temporary galleries are situated under a big enclosed tent which makes it easy and fun to browse the contemporary and modern art.  Things happen when you don't expect it.

Masked Words by Doug Beube
In looking at a fascinating sculpture cut from a dictionary, the artist name looked familiar to me. It was Doug Beube.  Our wedding photographer had been working on books at the time he filmed our wedding.  This was 15 years ago.  My husband and I were able to reconnect with Doug and he took us through his process.  I'm always blown away by the unending creativity of artists. Using a dictionary, (opened to the word low-life) he created a sculpture.  He told us that its necessary to position the book in the middle to be able to work with it.  The artwork is similar in structure to the Roman heads on display at the MET.  He doesn't coat the sculpture with any material as he wants it to still be a living breathing book. 

Doug is represented by the JHB Gallery. Their website has a few more works by Doug to explore. There is nothing like seeing art in person, but I recommend checking out these sites to see his creations. They are fascinating. 

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