Thursday, October 24, 2013

Way To Give: The Buffet Family at NY Public Library

You have 40 years in a lifetime to make an impact. 

Howard G Buffet has a 40 year plan to feed and employ the world through agriculture.  He was joined by his dad Warren, son Howard and Tom Brokaw at the NY Public Library last night.  He runs a self titled philanthropic organization that is globally trying to change agriculture.  He has written the book 40 Chances.  

Howard G, Warren, Howard W Buffet
Their conversation last night had great spirit and humility.   Yes Warren is one of the wealthiest people on the planet, but he didn't payroll his kids.  Howard G told the audience that his dad made them do chores around the house for a 50 cent allowance which was paid in dimes.  Warren kept a slot machine in the attic which only took dimes.  Howard said he spent most of his allowance trying to get the big payday of three cherries.  Essentially the allowance went back into Warren's pocket.  

Tom Brokaw suggested that this is the century of women.  Warren agreed and said he was very optimistic about the future of this country.  "Look how far we've come with only half our talent."  With women now in prominent places, the future looks brighter.    Howard G added that his experience in Africa was that if you wanted something done quickly, put the women in charge. 

The greatest lesson:  fail sometimes. 

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