Thursday, December 12, 2013

Luscious Jackson Throws A Party

 When I'm about to go crazy
cause I'm still living here
I just get my friends together
and we dance, dance, dance
cause this is the state of the world
this is the state of the world
this city tells me what it's like to live

- City Song Lyrics

Luscious Jackson surrounded by dancing fans. 

If you're Luscious Jackson and you haven't played your hometown of New York in 13 years, why not throw a welcome back party?  It happened at Webster Hall on Saturday.  The band was in fine form and the audience loved it.

The show opened with Here from Natural Ingredients and also used in the movie Clueless.  (I will always think Roller Derby when I hear this song.)  When Gabby sang Get on the Floor/Let's Dance some more, the stage was set.  Early on they played the hit Naked Eye, still cool as cool.  Other highlights were Nervous Breakthrough and Why Do I Lie?  The new songs like Are You Ready blended in seamlessly with the old. The band has a new album, Magic Hour.

Jill entertained the crowd with her tale of the days when they would sneak into Webster Hall (which was probably called The Ritz at that time). It involved scaling a wall, a dumpster, a fire escape and a knock at the door.  This entry is no longer an option. 

There was probably some anxiety about coming back after over a decade hiatus.  Will people respond? Will they show up?  The floor was packed with people having a great time.   Jill, Gabby and Kate made us feel like they were enjoying the ride and we were passengers in their bus.  

Kudos to Sparkle Beauty Studio's Gabriel Trujillo and Jeffrey Fernandez who worked the hair and makeup. Loved Jill's sparkling eyes.  They could be seen from the balcony.  As she said, "Gabriel really gets the glitter on!"

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