Monday, January 06, 2014

The Influence of the Everly Brothers

Ray Davies and Graham Nash both cited the Everly Brothers as a big musical influence. Graham and a friend stalked them when he was younger and did get to meet them. A thrill of his life was singing with the Brothers later on in his career. 

I find it interesting that the last three autobiographies I’ve read all reference the Everlys which I thought about while reading them . A day after finishing Ray’s book Americana as well as Linda Rondstadt’s Simple Dreams (Linda recorded the Everly’s When Will I Be Loved), I heard that Phil Everly had died.  A death will allow for a string of tributes and I had no idea of the impact this duo had on music.  Looking back, they were pioneers of blending pop and country.  They got so much out of their voices.  They were great songwriters.  They had stories to tell and everyone was listening. 

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