Thursday, February 27, 2014

Writing From Photographs

The closet archivist in me was sucked in by the title of Casey Cep's article in the New Yorker, A Thousand Words:  Writing From Photographs.  She is a writer who has abandoned physically writing, meaning putting pen to paper.  She uses her photo stream to dictate her prose.  Being someone who retains the trivial facts (Paul Reiser once commented that he read that Vanna White starred in a production of Brigadoon and it never left his head-thanks Paul, it hasn't left mine either) , but seems to let the others drift, I love having documentation of everything. I love research and details.  I love have something to look at and interpret. 

My husband whether he knows it or not, is a great visual archivist. I think he has the largest collections of the gates of the Hamptons.  He has amassed a drove of favorite gates we've seen in our dog walks through the Hamptons.  We're finally going to tackle building the gate using one of those photos as our inspiration.  Taking photos is easy now.  Using photos to create is a gift. 

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