Sunday, April 27, 2014

Victoria Grayson: The Evil Morticia Addams

In watching an episode of the Addams Family (Pugsly and Wednesday have to attend school), it dawned on me that Madeleine Stowe is channeling Carolyn Jones' Morticia Addams in her portrayal of Victoria Grayson on the show Revenge.  Her cadence, her pauses and her demeanor all scream Morticia.  The big difference: Victoria is evil and Morticia is good.


They even sit in a chair the same way!


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I keep thinking the same thing!

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    When I recently saw an old episode of the Addams Family, I wondered if Victoria was the same actress---only younger. Of course, it wasn't possible because Carolyn would be 80 if she were alive today. Then I wondered if Victoria was her daughter. Nope. They have very similar faces, mannerisms, voice inflections, etc..