Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bowlmor Not in Union Square

In the 80's/90's a night of bowling at Bowlmor meant a good time and filthy hands.  They never cleaned a bowling ball or a lane then.  It seemed that way.  Despite that, we still went back. It was one of the few, if only places to bowl in Manhattan at one point.  I remember it as the site of work parties, friends birthdays and late night ridiculousness. 

Like many remnants of classic New York, Bowlmor has lost out to the "luxury condo" crazy. The building was bought. There is much more money to be made in housing than bowling alleys, so Bowlmor's Union Square flagship anchor had to exit. 

Here's  a few trivia nuggets:
According to WNYC Bowlmore was the longest continuously running bowling alley in the Northeast.
Bowlmor has operated on University Place since 1938.
In 1958 Vice President Richard Nixon played a game or two. 

The last frame was played last night.  It's a strike for NYC.

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