Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sharing Our Passion

Amoeba Records is putting it's money where the mouth is. I will disclose that I work for them. What other label is so confident of their music that they're will to give it away? Sharing our passion is the Amoeba Records motto. That's exactly what's happening. Starting today at amoeba.com there will be two songs every two week to download free from Amoeba's first two releases: Brandi Shearer and Gram Parsons. We think you'll like what you hear so much that you'll want to buy both records. We kick it off with Brandi's live version of Gram's song Hickory Wind and The Burrito Brothers performance of Close Up The Honky Tonks. Every other Monday visit amoeba.com for another piece of the Amoeba passion: great music. Special Christmas bonus track: Brandi's bittersweet rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. The song originally written for Judy Garland to sing in the movie Meet Me In St Louis. Happy Listening!

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