Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Reality Show-Another Teen Idol

Don't know how much more the American public can take of the reality show barrage. Just read about casting for MTV's latest bid: Teen Dream from the executive producers of America's Next Top Model. They are looking for the next female superstar, if the market hasn't already been exhausted. Not only do they want the daughters, but they want the mothers too. I think Howard Stern hit the nail on the head when he said people love American Idol not to hear people sing, but for the humiliation factor. What could be more humiliating than a teen girl being followed by camera with her stage mom omnipresent? If you fit the bill and want to be the next Teen Dream (what an archaic title-Is it 1955?) or have your daughter wear the crown, details are below.

Producers are seeking talented young women and their mothers who are looking forward to showing off their daughter's talents. Open casting calls where mothers and daughters must appear together will happen in Los Angeles on April 18-19; Orlando on April 25-26; Miami on April 27; and New York on May 3-4. For complete information regarding these casting calls and what is required to bring, send an email to

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