Monday, April 21, 2008

WNEW Where Rock Lives Again

This weekend I found an old T-shirt that had the WNEW-FM logo on the front and on the back, David Johansen live at the Bottom Line. Two great (New York) music institutions of the 70's, 80's and 90's: WNEW and the Bottom Line. WNEW has been revived on HD radio as well on online. Norm Winer, the longstanding Chicago radio guru is the "ringleader" of this revival.

For those of you who grew up listening to WNEW and having it be a big part of your life, you'll have fun navigating the site. Right now there's Led Zeppelin interviewed by Scott "Things from England, English Things" Muni. The DJs were knowledgeable, had the inside track and were there to let you in on it. I felt like part of a community. I even participated in a few bike-a-thons in Central Park they sponsored. It's nice that I can still listen to Dennis Elsas, Pete Fornatale and Vin Scelsa on WFUV and Meg Griffin on Sirius (as well as Vin there too). You never know if you're recollections are accurate, but in my mind, I recall a few defining moments: Pete Fornatale playing the entire Pet Sounds album one Easter, Scott Muni announcing that Elivs Presley had just died, filming in Super 8 a portion of the Central Park Beach Boys shows with Brian Wilson. There were countless times I relied on WNEW to find out anything about music, whether it be upcoming shows going on sale, a new release date, why Randy Meisner left the Eagles.... It was a big part of my life and my love for music. It's nice to have an old friend back.

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