Wednesday, June 25, 2008

30 Days

Prior to last night, I had only seen Morgan Spurlock's FX show 30 Days once before. I never know when it's on. It's a well-crafted, educational, entertaining show and FX should be spreading the word. I think everyone has seen Super Size Me, Morgan's documentary on the dangers of a fast food diet. I stumbled upon 30 Days last night after watching a minisode of Rescue Me, which is probably not returning to TV until next March. This is just enough time for me to forget last season, which was disappointing. A minisode is 4 minutes of I'm guessing outtake scenes from the show to keep viewer interested, as the show won't be on in it's usual summer slot. At 10:06 30 Days came on. The episode involved a married Mormon woman who had two adopted boys spending 30 days with a gay couple who have 4 adopted boys. She does not believe that same sex partners should be allowed to have children. Watching these two camps try to understand each other was painful. The woman was sticking to her beliefs which she stated came to her from God. The men were trying to explain that they also heard from God and were doing his will. The men had a loving household, took 4 children from foster care and gave them a good home, which the woman witnessed, but still could not come to terms with. After viewing the living condition of foster children in that area, her conviction still held true and she would not say that it's better to be in a gay household then be left in a group home. Morgan views both sides of the story and you hear from kids who were raised by gays, gays who are fighting for parental rights and the actual birth mother of one the the adopted boys. The show is not judgmental and does not lead to a conclusion, which is more fair than many investigative news programs on the networks. If you haven't seen it yet, put it on your to do list. I think it's safe to say that the show airs at 10 or 10:06pm Tuesday nights.

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