Thursday, October 09, 2008

EMI Starting An Online Music Service

It seems like it's 8 years too late, but EMI is launching an online music service, which according to the WSJ is to gather customer behavior patterns rather than actually make money. There are so many ways to gauge what fans are thinking. Online message boards and postings are filled with kudos and complaints about what works and what does not. Throwing what I'm guessing is large sums of money into an already overcrowded field seems fruitless. There are so many places to buy music, the easiest being iTunes, Consumers will be confused with another entry like EMI's. It used to be the only place to buy music was either a record store or for the big artists a place like Target, now each label has it's own site. Tthe consumer doesn’t look for these sites. The labels have already lost trust with the consumer. Why would they go to the labels website to find out about an artist or buy music? They can go directly to the source meaning the artist or go to iTunes which is a trusted entity. There is also the option of pulling it from someone else for free. It's not trusted, but it is free.

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