Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Common Line of Clothing Inspired by Microsoft

Common, the rapper and actor has two endorsements running now: a new fragrance for Diesel called "Only the Brave," and a line of PC-inspired clothing called Softwear for Microsoft.

According to the article in Billboard, Common has also partnered with Microsoft to launch Softwear, a clothing line inspired by PCs and revolving around when the machines started to become popular. Softwear tee-shirts, some of which were designed by Common, were made available in retail stores just a few weeks ago. (This news was originally reported in December)

After reading this I had to see what clothing inspired by a PC looked like. I can't imagine Microsoft sparking a person's creative inner fashion designer.

A Common designed shirt:

This design immediately takes me back to the 1980's. This shirt would be worn with leggings, possibly belted and of course the wearer would have on pointy-toed boots.

Here are two samples of classic shirts:

Nothing immediately comes to mind after viewing the DOS shirt or the one that features Bill Gates. Wait, wasn't there a Jim Morrison T Shirt with his mugshot from his arrest in Florida? These two are part of the collection but not designed by Common. I wonder if these are selling. I couldn't find sales figures. According to the clothing line's website, these cannot be purchased online, only in select stores. This seems like a very low tech strategy. In fact, this all seems very misguided. I'm not sure who the audience is or if there is an audience for items. Does Common have the influence to make this work? Has anyone seen a person wearing one of these shirts?

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