Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hello It's Tums

I've seen the Tums TV ad twice now and I'm not sure why they use Todd Rundgren's Hello It's Me in the ad. My guess is the song brings back great memories and gets your attention. I hate to think that Hello It's Me triggers heartburn. I remember being in London in the mid-80's and there were tons of pop songs being used in commercials, not what was happening in the US then. Now songs are routinely placed in commercials, not always appropriately. I know a lot of people are still pondering Lust For Life promoting a cruise. Is the jingle industry dead? I miss hearing music written specifically for a product. How many of us can still recite the Big Mac ad? Two all beef patties, special sauce....... Wasn't it great to be stuck on Band-Aids, cause Band-Aids stuck on me? I understand the money was probably great for Todd, but I hope I can put out of my head that crazy image of a person eyeing pizza and then feeling sick every time I listen to Something/Anything.

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