Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Vicky

1968 and 1969, were among other things, boom years for American Pop Culture. So many memorable moments, both good and not so good, happened in that two year time period. My 1969 memories include the Mets being crowned the Amazin's, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and the marriage of Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky on the Tonight Show. Tiny Tim always fascinated me. The first time I saw Andy Kaufman on SNL, I thought here's the next Tiny Tim. Not that they had all that much in common, except that they were outsiders who were so interesting.

Ms Vicky was 17 years old when she married Tiny.

Sonic Boomers has a piece written by Ms Vicky that's an interesting short read. It's apparent that her life with Tiny was too large for her. She is now blogging http://missvickinow.blogspot.com/ and she reveals a little more about their short time together. The girl from NJ is living in a rural area of Tennessee. She does have 6 chickens 4 of which are named Ginger, Maryann, Laverne and Shirley. She talks about singing Why on the Ed Sullivan show with Tiny. The clip is a fun view, especially knowing that wardrobe gave her the ensemble.

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