Friday, October 23, 2009

Soupy Sales RIP

I remember watching the Soupy Sales Show. His cast of characters included White Fang and Pookie. He was famous for his polka dot bow tie and getting a pie in the face at least once an episode. He died last night at age 83. He was a nut, who probably like many other hosts of children's shows (Pee Wee Herman, Uncle Floyd to name two) were not really playing to kids, but actually creating entertainment for themselves. They laughed as their own jokes as much as we did. The nuances went over my head. Could it be long before someone covers Do The Mouse?

The dance starts about 3 minutes into the video.

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  1. Hopefully new comedians like Conan O'Brien will be able to take up the mantle after Soupy Sales... may he he rest in pie, i mean, peace!