Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 Good Reasons To Support Musicians

Mike Masnick of posted about his "10 Good Reasons To Buy" presentation at Midem. He elaborated on last year's presentation which was based on his equation of Connect with Fans + Reason to Buy (CwF+RtB). He gave a short talk and the broke the audience into groups to create business models for specific musicians. (Details on this will be posted at a later date.) He gave his reasons to buy, which is not new to his readers, but worth mentioning a few. Check out the full post.

Having managed bands and seeing what a positive connection with the fans and non-believers makes, I found 2 and 3 to be solid advice that does work.

2. Attention: One of the most important scarcities in the digital age. Attention is incredibly scarce, and if you've got it, you can do a lot with it.

3. Authenticity: This one also includes "trust." The ability to be authentic carries tremendous weight and is quite scarce at times. But if you can provide something that is authentic and valuable, it's often a very strong reason to buy.

The minute an artist goes south of what his/her creative path is and starts listening to others, the authenticity is gone, the music suffers and the fans know it. Believe in yourself, that's what drew your fans to you in the first place.

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