Saturday, February 06, 2010

Six Pack Albums

Warner Music Nashville is releasing Blake Shelton's latest musical offering as a "Six Pak". On March 2nd, Hillbilly Bone will sell as a six song album (this used to be known as an EP). The album is fast becoming a thing of the past. By releasing 6 songs instead of the 10 -12 usually found on an album, the artist can get music to the fans on a regular basis (sometimes the lag between albums can break a career by losing fan momentum gained from releasing a successful album). The artist can write and record faster and the bottom line is that very few people are buying full album's worth of music. This is the way to release music right now. Read the full article in Billboard.

On Blake's website, he's selling the record as a packages with t shirts, autographed copies and fan club access. Another positive sign: he's selling the packages from his website. You don't have to go to Warner's site. Country artists are the ones leading the way these days. They are also the ones consistently writing "songs".

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