Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days

The song Snow Days has been running through my head since last night. As the song goes it's coming down in New York City. There's a blessing on the ground. When the city decided it would close the schools today I thought of Snow Days by Trip Shakespeare. The band lived in Minneapolis, so I'm sure they were used to snow days. John Munson's booming voice takes you to a day of snow, ending the in words every kid (or employee for that matter) wants to hear go home and take a snow day. The lyrics are so visual you can't help but be brought back to that time when you were a kid listening to the radio or watching TV and you heard your school was officially closed. If your road's patrolled by children/There's no order to be found.

This is a beautiful version of the song by The New Standards which is the band John started after Trip Shakespeare, after Semisonic . It's rich, it's magical, it's snowing.

John and Matt Wilson (from Trip) have a new band called The Twilight Hours . They're on the road with upcoming dates in Chicago, Milwaukee, Philly and Brooklyn.

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