Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Tonight, I Hope You Can Watch It

I live in two places.  In one of them we subscribe to Cablevision, which means that if I were on Long Island tonight, I would miss game one of the World Series and most likely the whole series.  Fox has just turned down Cablevision's latest offer according to the LA Times.  Being a big baseball fan, I can't miss the World Series, which means I will be staying in New York City this weekend.  My plans are dicatated by two conglomerates who can't get their acts together.  Having 3 million homes cut out of the World Series is criminal. The FCC spent way too much time on Howard Stern and it seems like they are ignoring this issue.  Isn't it more important that 3 million people get to see baseball then worrying about Howard and Co talking to strippers?

The New York Times has a pictorial on baseball gloves over the years.  It's amazing that the early players didn't have a hand injury a game. 

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