Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“Being rich and famous is hard,but being poor and famous is hell.”

So says Dee Snider.  He's quoted in a NY Times article.  His career has come full circle. He's now appearing until Dec 24th in the Broadway musical Rock of Ages.   It's a role he lobbied for after seeing the show.  During my high school years, his band Twisted Sister were ubiquitous on Long Island.  They played Speaks, Hammerheads, etc.  You name the club, they would have played it. Then they had their biggest hit, "We're Not Gonna Take It". As he says, you have to live a life if you're not Billy Joel or Elton John.  In the 1990's when offers were not forthcoming, he worked in businesses with his brother and his wife.  Dee keeps it going.  He had a short-lived reality show.  The band has been touring. Now he's on Broadway. 

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