Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dexter and the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Although Dexter's sidekick this year is not as brash as Lisbeth Salander, there is a similar thread.  They both wanted and got revenge on those who did them wrong and they will stop at nothing to get it done.  Both are smart about how they operate and they both seem to have fallen in love with the man who is by their side.  Julia Stiles' Lumen is the perfect co-conspirator for Dexter.  Yes it does seem like he has found love quickly on the heels of his wife's murder.  How better to get over seeing your wife in a pool of blood?  Lumen gets Dexter. She's the only person besides his deceased father who understands him. He can be himself with her.  Next week is the season finale.  We'll see how much of Lisbeth is in Lumen.

On another Dexter note, Showtime is renewing it for a sixth season. 

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