Thursday, March 10, 2011

Librarians Fight Back So You Can Read Your E-Books

It's been widely covered.  HarperCollins book publishers have set a limit on how many times a library can "lend" an e-book.  After 26 times, the "book" will self destruct.  Obviously this does not appeal to librarians or people who frequently use libraries like myself.  E-books are the future.  Heck, e-books are happening now.  They are the future of the libraries. 

Librarians are now fighting back. I was alerted to this by Techdirt.  In support of the Readers' Bill Of Rights, I'm posting their logo and linking to their site.  Their goals are to

  1. To increase awareness of the ways that e-books are unique in terms of readers' rights.
  2. Revisit DRM and it's consequences (the music industry has had their share of this pie).
  3. To invite discussion.
  4. To provide alternatives to closed technologies such as DRM.  

For more info follow them on Twitter
Use the hashtag  #readersrights
We are sharing updates as @readersrights via Twitter and

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