Friday, March 18, 2011

A Look Back At The Look Of Punk

It's the 1980's all over again.  It seems like everywhere I look, recent fashions remind me of a lot of the clothes I was wearing in high school and college.  Yesterday while browsing in Orva, I saw these Bass shoes, which put a smile on my face.  They reminded me of what my friends and I used to call Dirty Angel shoes.  The first time we saw someone wearing them was on the Boston band Dirty Angels (they had a minor hit with a great pop song called Tell Me).  They were playing a free WLIR show at My Father's Place.  The shoes worn then were  Capezios and were made for dancing, which we did a lot of.  I went through two pairs. 
Westwood Tartan Worn By Johnny Rotten

It's timely that the Fashion Institute of Technology is exhibiting the clothes/creations of Vivienne Westwood, who defined the look of Punk.  The exhibit covers the 80's and is on view until April 2nd.  Vivienne along with Malcolm McLaren opened the SEX boutique on King's Road in London. It started as record store and quickly evolved into a store full of her bondage and fetish inspired clothing.  The Selvedge Yard has a piece on the history of the shop. 

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