Friday, January 13, 2012

Adele Has A Soul Half-Sister

The production is pulling from those wonderful records by British singers such as Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Petula Clark and Sandie Shaw. Aside: What great names! Interestingly, there wasn't much crossover use of producers for these musicians. The one thing the singers did have in common is recording a Bacharach/David song. Who could resist?

Jessie Baylin's new record Little Spark comes out next week. It will play right alongside Adele. The songs are solid, great vocals and the production as I said lends itself to 1960's pop-soul. Jessie is not British. She's originally from NJ and now makes her home in Nashville (Could Jessie in Memphis be next?). It was produced by Kevin Augunas.

According to Record of the Day, Jessie negotiated her way out of her Verve contract (From my experience in working with them, it was probably a career saving move. They can be a great label, but not for a singer-songwriter.) and made this record with an inheritance from her grandmother. Her label's name, Blonde Rat Records is a tribute to her grandmother. It was her nickname.

The first single Hurry Hurry is so darn catchy. You'll be humming it.

The title track's music invokes the open road. It's the perfect soundtrack for a long drive. Mix that with Guster's Jesus On The Radio and Glenn Campbell's Gentle On My Mind and you are cruising.

A line per track:
I Feel That Too is country tinted.
Love Is Wasted On Lovers has the sway of Hot Fun In the Summertime.
Star Cannon is the closest to a Dusty record.
Dancer is the most upbeat song on the collection.

The album is nicely paced and easy to listen to. It isn't a rock out record, but you could listen to it anywhere and turn it up loud.

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