Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do Female Artists Have A Better Sense Of Humor Than Their Male Counterparts?

I'd have to say yes.  I'll point to two recent examples. 

1.  The Cindy Sherman exhibit at MOMA. Cindy likes working by herself.  She's her own best model. 

Cindy Sherman from the WSJ:
For me, a great portrait is something that combines the familiar with the unfamiliar—something seductive but also repulsive. I want to go "Ew," but then can't stop looking. So there's a push-pull thing to it. I also see the humorous aspect, not just the horrible. It's exciting in its gruesomeness.

2.  Nina Katchadourian's Seat Assignment.  What do most people do on a 14 hour flight?  My guess is sleep.  Nina makes art using only the materials at hand.  She recreated 15th century portraits in the airplane bathroom.  There was probably more time to do this as most of the passengers were sleeping.  The Mail has an article with her photos. Scott Tissue, here's the ultimate sponsorship opportunity!

Nina challenges herself and travels, a lot.  Over 2500 photographs and video were created on more than 70 different flights.  Seat Assignment was first exhibited at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in New Zealand.  She had a 22 hours to get there from New York.  She created 2 galleries of work on the flight there. 

From Nina's website:
I often make art motivated by the mundane, but Seat Assignment has become a vehicle for me to put many of my deeply-held premises to the test. Is there always more than meets the eye? Is there really something to make out of nothing? Is it truly a matter of paying attention, of staying alert and optimistic about the potential that something interesting could evolve when challenged by boredom? Furthermore, what are the limits of my ability to think on my feet (or from my seat)? When will my creativity hit a wall, either from physical and mental fatigue, or simply because I can't care any more at that moment? How far will my own sense of decorum allow me to go in a public situation?

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