Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red Beans And Vice

Louie Perez is an unsung modern Renaissance man.  He's a musician, songwriter, artist, writer, the list could go on.  He's talked about having a web presence that would be a hub for up and coming artists and this week he's launched Playpix with a gallery of his own artwork:  The Red Beans and Rice series. 

The six prints are ironic takes on Red Beans and Rice. I just bought two.  Who could resist Red Beans and Vice?

Here's Louie's take on the drawings: We found a great printer in Austin, TX., who did a fantastic job of laser printing on Strathmore 400 80lb acid free paper (laser printing incidentally is quickly becoming a legit printing method amongst fine artists).  Each drawing is hand signed and numbered. When the initial run of 450 prints runs out, he will not reissue. 

The drawings are beyond reasonable at $25 a piece.  How wonderful to own a piece of art that touches your artistic soul and makes you smile.  Anyone can have it.

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