Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beatles Shocker

I just watch Mad Men.  As I've been reading, I was not the only one who was shocked to hear an original Beatles recording, Tomorrow Never Knows played on Mad Men.  According to the Wall St Journal, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has been trying to license the Beatles for a few years.  Original recordings are rarely, if ever heard in films or TV.  When Megan gave Don a copy of Revolver and told him to start listening with this track, I thought for sure they would reference the song title and that was it.

The WSJ also goes on to talk about the alleged money paid by Lionsgate to license the track:  a whopping $250,00, yes a quarter of a million dollars.  

Two very smart song placements have been heard on the show. Of course the Beatles, which was a coup and the Beach Boys' I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, which played during Roger's mushroom trip.

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