Friday, May 25, 2012


Apparently I liked the stickers that were affixed to albums (yes vinyl albums).  I found about 25 of them I had saved.  I guess the record labels thought that pushing the British in the band was a good way to sell albums in the States.  Here are 4 of the 25 stickers which are all championing the Englishness of the artist.

The Jam, ?, Adam & The Ants, Heaven 17
These are all from the 1980's.   One stickers doesn't even mention the band or a song, but there are 16 of 'em and they are from England.  This points to my collection of albums, which in the 80's was probably half British.  I know I killed the Heaven 17 record.  My friends and I used to play Let Me Go ad nauseum.  We still can't pass up the opportunity to dance to it.  

Happy Long Weekend.

Lip syncing is left to the last line.

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