Monday, October 02, 2006

Labrador, Minty Fresh and Ba-ba-ba

There are three ways I find music 1. On Sirius 2. Through a friend 3. Blogs. It's a treat when the music leads you to a band/person/song you hadn't thought about in awhile. Through the 3Hive Site I was directed to Labrador, which is a pop label based in Sweden. On their roster is one of the most intriguing band names I've come across, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. I had to listen to Rent A Wreck Link . From the first Ba-ba-ba's I had a smile on my face. This led me to the band's US label which is Minty Fresh, which was founded by Jim Powers a great music guy I had the pleasure of working with when he was at BMG. Music is the great connector.

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