Monday, January 26, 2009

Inaugural Dancing

Much has been said/printed about Michelle Obama's dress. Not so much has been said about the dancing. Barack and Michelle didn't exactly cut a rug at any of the balls I saw. They could have been tired after an exciting and hectic day. With the adrenaline going, I think it's more a product of my/our generation. We don't know how to dance with a partner. If Heaven 17's Let Me Go is spun by a DJ, I'll be the first one on the dance floor. If it's In The Mood, I can fake something, but I'm just posing. My husband and I took dance lessons about 8 years ago, after realizing we didn't know a Foxtrot from a Waltz. We were determined to learn how to dance together. Turned out there were a lot of singles in the class and they made us dance with different partners, thus mission not accomplished. Michelle leaned on Barack to Etta James' At Last. (We heard the recording and Beyonce's version. Why didn't we see Etta singing it live?) At one point, it might have been during Stevie Wonder's sing-a-long of Sign Sealed Delivered, it looked like Barack was doing the White Man's Overbite. The latter which was so wonderfully demonstrated by Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. We are the end of the Boomer generation and maybe the end of partner dancing.

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