Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tweeny-Bop Girl Group Clique Girlz

The NY Times has an article on the marketing of Clique Girlz, two sisters and a friend from NJ. This time it's not Disney doing the selling or marketing, it's Interscope Records. They are known for marketing James Morrison, Beck, Weezer and Pussycat Dolls. The ex-Disney man, Michael Eisner, who owns Topps-known for it's baseball cards, is making Clique Girlz the spokes-kids for Baby Bottle Pop candy. It worked for the Jonas Brothers, who did not have Disney behind them when they worked with Topps. The article points out that promotions like these were once disdained by the music industry. It depends on the music. When it comes to pop and bubblegum acts, all sorts of promotions happened. Gary Lewis and the Playboys recorded a song called Doin' The Flake, which you could get by sending in box tops from Kellogs cereal.

The most interesting has to be this promotion video for staying in school and getting good grades starring Jim Morrison.

The Monkees and Bugs Bunny told us how to make friends with Kool-Aid.

The Jackson 5 taught us how to spell with Alpha Bits cereal.

Musical acts have been doing endorsements since the beginning of pop music. Today's pop acts will have a greater chance of getting noticed by endorsing candy than by hoping radio will play their latest single. The more things change, the more they repeat history.

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