Thursday, September 23, 2010

Katy Perry Exlied From Sesame Street

In a video that was made for Sesame Street,  Katy Perry runs around with Elmo and sings a kid friendly version of her song Hot N Cold.  People saw the video online and complained about her outfit.  I've seen worse on 4 year-olds in those scary beauty pageants.   She's wearing a gold dress with a mesh top that goes to her neck, where there is a silver bow. It looks like a princess costume or something you might see on an Olympic figure skater.  Apparently this was too much for the viewers, so Sesame Street has decided to pull the video from it's upcoming TV season as well as pull it from YouTube. This of course will bring more attention to it and drive up the views on YouTube.  The video is cute.  I'm partial, but my favorite will always be Elmo and the Lavender Moon.

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