Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NBC Cluess When It Comes To Securing Music Rights

The Emmys opened with lots of energy.  Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, John Hamm, members of the TV show Glee, etc took a cue from Glee and performed Springsteen's Born To Run.  I can't officially show you the video because NBC is not allowed to use it online.  According to a post in Techdirt, NBC (they aired the awards show) only secured the rights to perform Born To Run in the show, therefore killing any viral spread of the opening through NBC.  Haven't we heard this story before?  In this day and age, how do you not secure online rights. I have no idea why that song was chosen, but it was fun and really got the audience hooked. The excitement waned after that number.  Jimmy Fallon continued to sing.  He was personally annoyed that it wasn't "officially" online.  He told Variety that it could have been worth half a million hits to NBC. He worked hard on it and it's a good commercial for NBC and just pay for the rights.  I tallied what I could find of unofficial postings on YouTube and as of noon I found 411,211 hits.  Guess Fallon was pretty close in his estimate. 

Here is the unofficial video posting:

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